Ecclesiastical Projects

Our Lady of Lourdes

This project consisted of an extension to the church entrance together with internal refurbishment of the main worship space and toilet areas, provision of new liturgical furniture and a new emergency exit door. The extension incorporated the relocation of a ‘Dalle De Verre’ concrete-framed window recycled from St. Thomas of Canterbury Church.

Project details:

Client: Trustees of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
Architect: Rooney & McConville Architects
Value: £400,000


Contract Administrator: Rooney & McConville Architects
Location: Thames Ditton, Surrey
Duration: 21 weeks

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Church of the Holy Spirit

The work included replacing the fire damaged ceilings and wall panelling together with new floor finishes and internal decorations, including new electrical installations. This also included the construction of a single-storey extension to the new Parish Office.

Project details:

Client: Diocese of Southwark
Architect: Gerry Lyttle Associates
Value: £300,000


Contract Administrator: Gerry Lytle Associates
Location: Guildford, Surrey
Duration: 14 weeks


Kings Church

The purpose of this project was to create a user-friendly modern worship space to accommodate a congregation of 500-600. There were substantial alterations made to the existing concrete frame of the building to create the large space. The acoustic performance was particularly important to the client due to the way in which the space would be utilised.

Project details:

Client: Kings Church Catford
Architect: Thomas Ford & Partners / HP Architects
Value: £1m


Contract Administrator: Synergy LLP / Mace
Location: Lee Green, London
Duration: 44 weeks


St Andrew's Church

Demolition of the existing mezzanine floor, removal of pews, font and also the existing electronic organ. A ramp was added in the Lady Chapel, a new electronic organ & complete AV system, new furniture, new lighting scheme and finally the reworking and re-siting of the pulpit.

Project details:

Client: The PCC of St Andrew’s Church
Architect: Thomas Ford & Partners
Value: £250,000


Contract Administrator: Sawyer & Fisher (Epsom)
Location: Oxshott, Surrey
Duration: 13 weeks

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