Celebrating Women in Construction

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Last week women from both our Kent and Surrey offices got together for Ash’s annual Ladies Day. For far too long construction has been a male-dominated industry. At Ash, we want to challenge this stereotype and do all we can to celebrate women in the industry and the importance of their contribution.

With job titles ranging between Finance Director, Procurement Manager, Business Development Manager, Office Manager and Surveyor the Ash ladies represent more than the traditional roles women are often boxed into within the industry. Although stats report that women make up 14% of the construction industry, this figure accounts for only a few roles that are held outside of secretarial positions. We encourage women to consider these previously male-dominated positions and the fruitful career prospects they represent. Here at Ash, we offer flexible working hours and job sharing positions to eliminate some of the difficulties women typically face when job hunting.

Ash’s annual ladies day is a celebration of the team's hard work and recognition of their contribution to Ash. The team enjoyed a guided Gastronomy tour of Borough Market lead by Celia Brooks with lots of nibbles and tipples along the way. Opportunities such as this not only provide Ash with the opportunity to show our thanks to the hardworking women but also aid us in promoting female careers within the construction industry. Hopefully by celebrating the major contribution women provide within the construction industry their place will no longer be a minority but expected from all companies.