An Overview of Summer Projects

Summer for Ash is one of the busiest times of the year. In the heart of the school holidays, Ash have had a focus on projects within the education sector; from fast-tracked school holiday projects to others that will see us well into the autumn months.


University of Kent

Client:           University of Kent    

Duration:        9 weeks

As of early July, Ash has been working on a refurbishment project in the Ingram building for the University of Kent. Ash are transforming existing computer and store cupboards and offices into new science laboratories and preparation rooms for their Science Students. We expect to be on-site at the University of Kent until early September, just in time for the new student arrival.


University of Surrey

Client:          University of Surrey  

Architect:      Ridge & Partners LLP

Duration:       11 weeks 


Ash returned to the University of Surrey for our 5th consecutive Summer. This year, carrying out works to Surrey Court accommodation blocks. We expect to complete 11 weeks of work compromising of the internal refurbishment of floors 1-4 of 6 accommodation block along with all associated mechanical and electrical works. Ash are also responsible for some minor external works such as the replacement of old timber doors with new powder-coated aluminium alternatives.


Charterhouse School

Client: Charterhouse School                       

Architect:          Miller Bourne

Duration:         7 weeks

Ash took on a project for the Governing Body of Charterhouse School in Godalming, Surrey, at the beginning of July. This project consists of refurbishment works to the existing Fletcherites Boards, involving internal alterations and refurbishment to the house as well as fitting new dormer windows on the second floor.

Guildford Museum

Client:          Guildford Borough Council           

Architect:      Cooper & Withycombe

Duration:       13 weeks


At the end of July, Ash started a restoration project at Guildford Museum which is due to continue to the autumn months. Ash are making repairs to the building fabric, improvements to M&E as well as some minor improvements and finishing across the Museum. Ash are expected to be on-site here for 13 weeks and is expected to finish by late October.


Stoke Newington

Client:             St. Mary’s Church 

Architect:           Erect Architects

Duration:          34 Weeks


Ash are very excited to be completing works on the Grade II Listed St. Mary’s Church in Stoke Newington. The church was built in the 1850s with some 1990’s community rooms to the south of the Church. This project, designed by Erect Architecture, involves the demolition to parts of the 1990s building and the creation of a new building in between the two original buildings. It will also see the construction of a new single-storey extension within the existing courtyard of the Church. This project will create additional dining spaces with cooling and heating systems throughout the extension. Ash set off on this project at the very start of the summer and will continue till late 2019.

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