ISO9001 Update

Ash has recently successfully completed the transition process from ISO9001-2008 to ISO9001-2015 certification for Quality Management. 

So, what does this mean for Ash?

An ISO certification is awarded by the International Standards Setting Body, composed of representatives from various national standards organisations. The ISO 9001 is a quality management system intended to improve the operations of a business, the award represents an organisations fulfilment of the criteria for business quality standards. 

Ash’s recent step up to the 2015 certification reflects our compliance with the most current measures in the certification. Guaranteeing that all of Ash’s business practices are carried out consistently to a high level of quality, services meet customer requirements whilst complying with laws and legislation and business processes are streamlined and under observation in order to be continuously improved as appropriate. 

This acts as an assurance to both our clients and those working with us that the Ash Team is committed to continuous improvement and invested in critiquing our current practices to return the best outcome for everyone involved.  

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