The Parliamentary Review 2019 – Ash Contracting Feature

Ash has been published in the 2019 edition of the Parliamentary review, focused on Infrastructure and Development. The primary aim of the review is to showcase the work of a number of leading organisations across the public and private sector showing best practice in their industry. It’s an honour to be recognised for our work here at Ash in this way and a privilege to share our story and some insight into the running of the company.

Following the compulsory liquidation of Carillion, which acted as a wakeup call to the whole industry, in this edition Contractors were asked to focus on the differing lengths of payment terms in the sector and difficulties this can create. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of Federation of Master Builders is quoted saying “The government must seize the opportunity for root and brand branch reform” and “the time for radical action is now”. At Macro level one of the greatest challenges Ash faces is ensuring that we don’t work for unscrupulous or cash-short clients. Over the years strict protocol has been implemented to ensure clients have good cash flow and have first-rate credit profiles. This ensures we can process payments to subcontractors and suppliers within the agreed terms of payment.

Brian Berry goes on to state how “Small local firms reinvest profits in local economies, helping to spread the value of contracts across the whole of the UK”. This neat summary is Ash’s main mission, to give back more than just a build. Whether it be for a place of worship, education or leisure we want the projects Ash are involved in to bring employment to the local area, provide facilities to train local young workers and provide an opportunity to engage with the local community. For example on site at the Fellowship Inn in Bellingham, we have run apprenticeship schemes and worked closely with Phoenix Community Housing to put on events for the local community throughout the process of the build.

Additionally, the article highlights the principles our MD Dean Cooper feels to be the driving forces behind the success of Ash. From the importance of consideration and adherence to environmental/legal issues at all times to the vitality of a happy team where every member's input makes an impact and they are personally recognised for this.

Please read Ash Contracting’s full article on the 2019 Infrastructure and Development issue of the Parliamentary Review.

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