Internships, Apprenticeships and Training. How Ash supports the local community.

Here at Ash we are always looking for ways to support the communities local to our projects and increase the social value a project can provide where possible. We have found a way both to do this and to strengthen the workforce. Ash is a strong believer in supporting young people and helping them climb the employment ladder, which is why we work with local universities and colleges to provide apprenticeships and student work placements. Engaging with the local community in this way allows us to improve our own relationships and knowledge base, whilst also providing education and training that will increase the skill sets of those in the local community. 

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Back in March the then Mayor of Lewisham, Steve Bullock, checked in on our apprenticeship scheme at the Fellowship Inn project. The two apprentices on site, an LBL Bricklaying Apprentice and a PCH Fellowship Project Apprentice, are learning skills vital to their trades and getting valuable hands-on experience. The visit from Mayor Bullock demonstrates the support and backing these schemes have from local councils, giving us even more encouragement to engage with the local communities and work together. 

Additionally, Ash currently has a handful of younger team members in the offices. Four recent graduates working with Ash as trainee Surveyors, a team member completing work experience and an Undergraduate Student completing a placement year. 

A key reason we work with local universities and colleges to provide apprenticeships and student work placements is our drive to educate ourselves and keep progressing as a business. We are keen to provide the next generation with the opportunity to experience working in the construction industry in a comfortable environment, where they are given support and the opportunity for growth.